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Juan Berisso Juan Berisso
Buenos Aires

Juan C. Berisso - Partner with the Law Firm of Alchouron Berisso, Brady Alet & Fernandez Pelayo (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Dr. Berisso specializes in the areas of corporate and commercial law, mergers and acquisitions, finance engineering, telecommunications, real estate developments and international finance projects.  He graduated from the Buenos Aires Catholic University in 1986 and currently is an adjunct professor of Corporate Law and Commercial Contracts and professor in charge of the post-graduate course \"Modern Business Contracts\", UCA. In May 1991 he received a Masters Degree from the University of Pennsylvania (School of Law and Wharton School of Economics), Philadelphia, USA. 

He worked in the Corporate & Commercial Department of Blake, Dawson & Waldron - Solicitors (Sydney, Australia) during 1989- 1990, particularly in the field of general corporate law and international litigation, and has attended several specific seminars dealing with those areas. During the period 1991-1992, he worked as an associate for Pepper, Hamilton & Scheetz, Attorneys-at-Law (a renowned international law firm with headquarters in the USA), where he represented leading companies and important investors in negotiations of economic significance. 

He has been a member of the Boards of Directors and Controlling Bodies of several leading local and foreign companies, such as Nokia Argentina S.A., Deutz-Agco Motores S.A., Alimentos y Logística Generales de Argentina S.A. (ALG), Compañía Minera Providencia S.A., Corning Cable Systems Argentina S.A., Inversiones Libertad S.A., Minera Geometal S.A., Moletto Hermanos S.A., Volkswagen Argentina S.A., Volkswagen Credit S.A and Volkswagen S.A. de Ahorro Para Fines Determinados, among others. He has been appointed legal representative of Commerzbank AG.

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