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About Us

Capitalis is pleased to offer an advanced digital platform for government leaders, academics, legislative and regulatory counsel and public policy professionals from around the globe to collaborate as we seek more informed, thoughtful and improved public policy outcomes from our respective governments.

The mission of Capitalis is two pronged:

  1. To make it easier for corporations, trade associations and other interest groups seeking to engage in the public policy process to select and retain a government relations professional or firm best suited to their particular requirements based upon jurisdiction and substantive expertise.
  2. To facilitate interaction between and among public policy professionals around the world and to enhance the legislative process and outcomes through collaboration and the sharing of information, ideas and best practices.

We also provide additional resources and value added services that allow our members to access the latest legislative and political news via RSS feed and our content rich newsletter, discuss and share ideas on our Global Policy Forum, display their substantive expertise on our White Paper forum, expand their practice by submitting and responding to targeted RFPs, as well as the ability to draft and amend legislation online via our proprietary LegiScribe Pro bill-drafting module.

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