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Advisory Board

Expert Advice and Guidance from leading professionals around the world

The Capitalis Advisory Board is comprised of leading professionals from all six continents with wide-ranging experience in government, business, law and public policy.

The following members currently serve on the Capitalis Advisory Board:

J. C. Boggs Washington DC , USA

Richard Carman Dar es Salaam , Tanzania

Stephen Coutts Sydney , Australia

Robert Cresanti Washington DC , USA

Juan Curbelo Madrid , Spain

Pietro Gerosa Geneva , Switzerland

Mark Kenderdine Davies London , United Kingdom

Don Lowery New York , USA

Christian Morris Sydney , Australia

Marie Royce California , USA

Irshad Ullah-Khan Islamabad , Pakistan

Juan Berisso Buenos Aires , Argentina

Shailesh Khot CEO , Ojaswi Tech

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