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Banner FAQ's

How do I upload a banner?
Once you choose a subscription option, you can upload your banner using a simple, online Admin tool.

Can I upload a Flash banner or a gif animation?
Currently, we restrict the banner type to only .jpg, .gif or .png format. No Flash, please.

Is there any restriction on the banner size?
To ensure optimal functioning of the site, we restrict the size of the platinum banner to 100 kb, the gold banner to 80 kb, and the text banner to 40 kb. Please note that we have appropriate checks in place, so please ensure that your banner does not exceed the stipulated size.

Does the banner become visible instantly?
After you upload the banner and click on ‘Submit’, it will be sent to the site Admin for preview. The preview will be restricted to checking for any inappropriate content. Once the Admin clicks ‘OK’, your banner will be visible. Your subscription starts from the time the Admin activates your banner.

What happens if more than one firm / individual subscribes for any slot?
In such an event, we either rotate the banners after a stipulated time frame, or populate it in a random fashion on each page refresh. The choice of rotating a banner resides with the Capitalis.

Can I give any links to / in the banner?
Certainly. As long as the link does not point to inappropriate URL, Capitalis allows you to embed links in the banners.

How often can I upload a banner?
You can change a banner as often you like, provided your subscription is valid

Can I check how many visitors have clicked my banner?
Yes! We believe that as a paid service, banner sponsors have a right to view the statistics of browsers who have visited the site. We have made this facility available from the Banner Admin.

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