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Richard Carman
Dar es Salaam

Richard Carman, Vice President of International Development for Mosaic 

Rich has dedicated his career to improving the lives of individuals around the world. His journey began in 1971 in Peoria, Illinois. Since receiving his Masters in Social Work from the University of Illinois, he has worked in direct care, social work, administration and advocacy. Rich started his career with Bethphage, now Mosaic, 21 years ago as the Chief Executive Officer of what was then called Bethphage Mission East. He served in that position until 1995 when he was selected to start its first Governmental Affairs Office. In 1996, international supports was added to his responsibilities. Rich also serves as Mosaic’s liaison to our IMPACT projects in Latvia, Romania, and Tanzania. 

On September 1, 2010, Rich stepped down from his position of Senior Vice President of Public Policy and International Development at Mosaic to assume a newly-created position of Vice President of International Development. He and his wife, Barb, are now working together supporting Mosaic’s on-the-ground development activities in Romania and Tanzania in partnership with IMPACT. They live in Romania each fall and in Tanzania each winter/spring, spending the summers back in the United States.

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